Triggers Suicide Bombing Research Paper

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What Triggers Suicide Bombings? Ariva D’Erchi Composition II Cecelia Munzenmaier Hamilton College October 30, 2005 Color Coding Key: … .. = thesis/conclusion … .. = first topic … .. = second topic … .. = third topic … .. = transitions between/within paragraphs What Triggers Suicide Bombings? Are suicide bombers crazy? At first, the answer seems obvious: they must be crazy to blow themselves up and kill innocent people in the process. However, terrorism experts have suggested several rational motives for their actions. Some political scientists believe that terrorists make a tactical…show more content…
1), many political scientists believe that most terrorists are rational people with tactical goals. Evans, for example, argues that terrorism is a strategy. Those who use it want to publicize their cause, draw the enemy into a costly conflict, provoke an overreaction that will make the enemy look foolish or evil, recruit supporters, and prevent compromise. Robert Pape also believes that suicide terrorism has an underlying strategic logic. In his view, “Suicide-terrorist attacks are not driven by religion as much as they are by a clear strategic objective: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland” (as cited in McConnell,…show more content…
As Cronin (2003) concludes, “Although . . . individual suicide attackers . . . are not technically ‘crazy,’ . . . they are often manipulated by the pressures and belief structures of the group” (p. 8). The most important choice a suicide attacker makes is not when to press the trigger, but whether to join a terrorist group. References Altman, N. (2005, March/April). On the psychology of suicide bombing. Tikkun, 20(2). Retrieved October 23, 2005, from Academic Search Elite database. Atran, S. (2004, Summer). Mishandling suicide terrorism. The Washington Quarterly, 27(3), 67–90. Retrieved October 21 from the Center for Strategic and International Studies Web site: Cronin, A. K. (2003, August 28). Terrorists and suicide attacks. CRS Report RL32058. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research Service. Retrieved October 24, 2005, from Federation of American Scientists Web site: Evans, E. (2005, Spring). The mind of a terrorist: How terrorists see strategy and morality. World Affairs, 167(4),

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