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Telephony Translations Inc. SWOT analysis Strengths: * Dave Santolli had a strong academic background as he did majoring in Industrial Engineering and Cornell University and also graduated from Harvard University. * He had a vision for developing something revolutionary and innovative and become a successful entrepreneur. * He had great leadership and was a charismatic leader. * He had hearty collaboration and the personal, human touch that the leader should have * He was a delegative leader who delegates his work and functions to fulfill his responsibilities * When Faxtech was launched, he secured good investment from investors. * Good technology team. * Faxtech provided 50% savings over current rates, and generated gross margin of 60% * Great expansion strategy, which helped them, lowers their variable cost. * Dave was flexible and patient which helped him secure the deal with Japanese Telecommunication Company. * By 1997 it employed 650 people in 18 offices throughout the world including Australia, Canada, japan, korea and the united states * Annual growth 180% * Company was listed as number 20 on the INC . 500 list of fast growing companies in the US * It raised funding of $105 million * For achieving market dominance they were able to raise $260 million. * Faxtech was unstoppable force in Telecommunication Industry * Terry supported Dave when he wanted to start his new business Telephony Translations INC. * They acquired they required patents and the technology required for the same. * TTI had people from original team. * Dave’s father managed to get VC Bob Cooper of Signit venture for investment in TTI. * George was the new CEO appointed by Dave because ehe shared great understanding with him for TTI * Partnering with Indica helped TTI to grab onto an existing niche amd

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