Interview Preparation for Waitrose

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Waitrose Interview Preparation NAME AS MANY GOOD FORMS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU CAN. * Human-to-human contact is the epitome of good customer service because there is an expectation from the customer that they will indeed receive a high level of service from the associate at all times. * Know the product/product knowledge * Body Language/communication styles * Eye contact * Calm collected person who is prepared to help WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHEF AND WHY? Heston Blumethal, because he is a self-taught chef, who creates peculiar but delectable foods using unconventional cooking methods. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS TIME IF KEPT ON BY WAITROSE? * I would like to have been apart and completed Waitrose’s graduate leadership scheme. This is because my skills in business and management will develop majorly and I wish to be a part of Waitrose’s vast and strong reputation. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE JOHN LEWIS PARTNERSHIP? * About 81,000 permanent staff * 288 Waitrose branches * 39 john lewis branches * Annual gross sales of £8.7bn * John spedan lewis set up the partnership * His combination of commercial acumen and corporate conscience, enables the john lewis partnership to be as successful as it is today * Won retailer of the year in 2011 * Waitrose Has a market share of 4.2% * AN EXAMPLE OF EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE * My parents had bought a table from John Lewis * Unfortunately during transit it was damaged * The John lewis delivery team apologised and instantly called their manager to arrange a second delivery for the table. * We had a phone call about a day later from a John Lewis furniture manager apologising for the inconvenience and offered a discount off of the cost of the table. He also told us that he had arranged for the table to be delivered to the store first to be

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