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William Ashing Longoria WRC 1023.034 3 Mar. 2014 The Rising Costs of College: A Causal Analysis Thomas Billiterri, a writer at CQ Researcher which produeces educational research articles writes,"In-state tuition, fees and room and board at a public four-year college now average $15,213 per year." Today, college is considered the stepping stone to a better life for young adults around the world. The skills learned at a university will help people achieve their highest hopes and dreams, and most importantly help them to gain a high income level, The numbers don't lie, people with a bachelors degree make, on average, sixty three percent more than those with some college or an associate's degree and eighty three percent more than those…show more content…
According to Trends in College Spending, a study done by the delta cost project, "Enrollment in U.S. postsecondary institutions totaled almost 18.6 million students in the 2008 academic year, a nearly 26 percent increase over the ten-year period beginning in 1998." The increase in demand for a college education has directly influenced college costs. It's simple economics, when demand goes up the price of the product being demanded will increase. The power lies on the side of the universities to determine whether their prices will rise or fall. Schools know that the quickest way to an elightened future is through their doors. So, they can increase the price to a very high number and still get high enrollment. That's exactly what's been happening, and considering the way demand has been increasing the cost does not look like it will be decreasing any time soon. The increase of demand has also affected the way students pay for…show more content…
Finley also stated that " Princeton, which recently built a resplendent $136 million student residence with leaded glass windows and a cavernous oak dining hall (paid for in part with a $30 million tax-deductible donation by Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman). The dorm's cost approached $300,000 per bed." The extra money coming in from the higher costs is helping the universities make more and expand more. Universities are not only about education anymore, they also are in the housing, entertainment, and food business. School administrators are enjoying a nice pay raise as well. Former Ohio State president Gordon Gee made over two million dollars last year (Finley 2013). Thats five times as much as the president makes in one year. Making that muc money is more than enough reason to continue hiking up expenses and fees for

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