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Teenagers Face Problems on a Daily Basis. Essay

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  • on August 27, 2013
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Teenagers face problems on a daily basis. (Make it persuasive)
Diana     Advisory: 10J
Introduction: Hi guys, today I’m going to talk about how teenagers face problems on a daily basis and how it affects their life. Teenagers face problems on a daily basis and it affects their life in so many different ways! Such as; friends, school, family problems, sleep habits and being stressed and depressed. All of these problems are what teenagers have to face every day.  

1st main point starting paragraph; Firstly, Depression is one thing. It could be caused by relationships with friends. Sometimes friends make you feel left out and make you feel like they don't want to hang out with you. If you do something stupid they’ll hate you and ignore you. It takes time for forgiveness it might take years for it to be forgotten. Just imagine you made a mistake and your best friend is really mad, how would you feel?

Example 1: Once when I was in 4th grade my little sister told me that my best friend said something mean to her and I got so mad that I told my best friend to just be friends. Everything changed from 4th grade to 6th grade. We don’t talk anymore. It was sad, even though I had other friends but she was like a sister to me. From that day on I learnt to forgive and forget and not say things I don’t mean, especially when I’m angry. So think before you say or else you’ll regret it. “I don’t forgive people because I’m weak. I forgive them because I’m strong enough to know people make mistakes.”

Example 2: There was also this other time in P.E. class; it was when we were playing handball. My teammate passed the ball to me and I accidentally threw it in my friend’s eye. The teacher stopped us from playing and I went up to her and said sorry, she said its okay but suddenly her friends kept teasing me face-to-face and online. I should’ve asked...

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