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“Teen Mom” and “Promises I can keep” are generally about the same thing, being a teen mom. When you look at each one by itself that’s when you see how they’re different. They may seem the same but in reality they hold two different versions of the same topic. “Teen Mom” is a reality show about being a teenage mother, some people might think that its real because it’s a “reality” show. Don’t believe that, the first thing that gives it away is that none of its real at all, curse words is bleeped out, substitutes are put in, and if you notice the cars they drive are becoming increasingly expensive. In the show “Teen Mom” they show the dramatized side of being a teen mom, the fighting with the baby’s father, the hardship of having to share custody of your child, and not being able to live your life the way you see fit. In “Promises I can keep” it’s all about teen moms, but their mothers are seriously different different; instead of being 16 to 19 years old, their 11 to 16 years old. On top of being so young their boyfriends that ask them to bare their child are usually 16 to 18 years old, and in one case a 32 year old man got a 12 year old girl pregnant. So far the article is showing the dramatized versions of life, yes all of this is true, but that’s not all that it’s about. “Teen Mom” and “Promises I can keep” are very different in a sense. For example “Teen Mom’ shows teens who get pregnant accidentally, while teens from “Promises I can keep” got pregnant on purpose, they wanted babies from their significant others. The girls from “Teen Mom” didn’t want to have children, they wanted sex, and didn’t bother to think about the consequences. While the girls from “Promises I can keep” were used to taking care of babies, coming from such low income homes. At such a young age they know how to properly care for a child in a way that most married adult women didn’t learn

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