Summary: Should Pregnant Drug Users Be Prosecuted

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Bethani Temple Taking Sides Project HSS 2800 March 12, 2012 The issue I chose as my topic is: Should Pregnant Drug Users Be Prosecuted? This issue is a growing topic in America. This topic discusses both sides of the issue. Whether or not a pregnant mother should or should not be prosecuted with criminal charges for using any controlled substance during her pregnancy? This topic has grown to a much more heated debate in recent years. The “yes” position on this topic has created long drawn out court proceedings for prosecutors many times without the results they would hope for. The prosecutor’s primary goal is to punish the mothers for intentionally harming their unborn child and to protect the child from the life with an addicted mother. The cases…show more content…
I have been pregnant and addicted, so this is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart. I believe that addiction is a disease that is not curable but it can be arrested if the proper steps are taken. I know for myself that I did not want to use drugs while I was pregnant or harm my child in anyway shape or form, but I was under the control of the drugs, not my own personal values. If I would not have been given the chance to address my addiction I would not be the person that I am today. Also, the education I have been taught has led me down a better path, I can now be a productive responsible human being and mother. Telling someone about my problem during my pregnancy was not an option for me, I feared that I would be in more trouble telling someone, than if I just waited until delivery and dealt with the consequences then. So, I also believe that pregnant mothers need to be informed of the options available to them during their pregnancy, so they are able to deal with the addiction as soon as

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