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Key Issues: Techsonic, the market leader in depth sounder equipment, is currently evaluating three different product concepts. Your task is to recommend whether Techsonic should move forward and announce any of the new concept(s) at an upcoming annual trade. Develop a set of criteria on which you can compare the product concepts and evaluate all three concepts on your criteria. Your criteria should reflect Techsonics current problems or opportunities. What are the strengths and weakness of the research methods used to evaluate these concepts? What, if anything, could Techsonic have done to make the tests more valid? Which, if any, concept(s) should be announced at the trade show? Why? Criteria: 1. Suit customer needs; customer satisfaction? 2. Is it lucrative? 3. If is lucrative, what is their advantage over our competitors? 4. … 5. … New Depth Sounder, Project 901 Current problems on New Depth Sounder Even though customers’ opinions are useful, customers usually see things at present. They are not necessary to image what new technology should be, a fact that will restrict company’s development if company relies on their opinions during the product development process. Using marketing research from current users is a good reference, but to reach out those potential customers having merely knowledge of Techsonic’s products and to broaden the market penetration will bring in more revenue. Furthermore, even though Techsonic carefully gather what customers need and invest tons of money in advertising and marketing research, they are gradually losing their market leadership in some field. This could result from a disruptive technology provider providing something beyond customers’ imagination and gain their satisfaction. Current opportunities on New Depth Sounder 1. Customer satisfaction: The
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