Company Q's Dilemma Case Study

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Company Q's Dilemma Nabor Ochoa Western Governors University Company Q's Dilemma The dilemma faced by many businesses today is a dilemma that has existed since the introduction of business. What should come first people or profits? Company Q is facing the same problem in regard to whether or not make donations to local food bank or to dispose of the surplus food to prevent their profit margin from shrinking. Company Q has chosen to put the profits of the company ahead of helping other people of their community when given the opportunity to do so. In the eyes of some, this decision could be seen as an act of selfishness against the citizens of the community; however in the eyes of others it could be seen as a business decision…show more content…
The fact the company is throwing food out instead of donating it makes the company appear heartless in the eyes of the public. Although company Q has logical financial reasons for disposing of the food, the public does not see this. The public’s perception is that company Q only cares about profit and not the people of the community. Company Q Needs to seek methods to remedy the public perception that it does not care about the community. One solution could be that company Q can set up a program to closely monitor the surplus of inventory in order to make donations to local food banks. A computerized tracking software of the inventory can help eliminate employee theft and allow Company Q to make donations to local food banks while closely monitoring the inventory and employee…show more content…
The fact that people had to repeatedly asked company Q to carry specific product line represents that the company is not in tune with their community and with the needs of their customers. Company Q should develop methods to research what goods are selling better in certain areas compared to what goods and merchandise is selling slower. If company Q can stay ahead of what the customer wants, the customer will feel as if the store is listening to them, knows them, and appreciates them for shopping with them . This problem can be easily remedied simply by conducting formal and informal surveys, placing suggestion box around the store, and simply asking their consumers what products they would like to purchase inside of their store. The sooner that company Q can anticipate and foresee what products are more in demand the sooner the company will be able to create a better profit margin, establish a good working relationship with the customer, and achieve a favorable public and consumer perception. The problems that face Company Q today are not unlike those that face many companies throughout the country. The difference is that company Q has the opportunity to repair the public perception, learn from the error of their ways, and develop new strategies to increase their profit margin, establish community relations, and achieve a good public

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