Technology Weakened Our Way of Life

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Technology Weakened Our Way of Life The rapid advancement of today’s technology has changed the way of thinking in such a way that allows people to do what they think is good for themselves. Providing a torrent of information, saving a great deal of money and time, and making our life a lot more easier are some of the best things about technology that brought us. Nevertheless, the emergence of technology can also hand over negative effects. Some of which are killing critical thinking skills, weakening social skills, and causing serious problems on health. Killing critical thinking skills may cause serious problems to the next generation. The easiness provided by technology, especially internet, has made people tend to find the “shortcuts” in finishing their tasks. Their mindsets have changed from “making the best with own thinking” into “getting things done as soon as possible with little effort”. This case highly happens to high school students as well as university students. Most of them will just copy the information from the sources they get from websites and paste them on their assignments. Hardly do they explore the sources for more. This may lead to uncritical thinking. Small interaction with surroundings, like family, friends, or neighbors weakening social skills. In this era, millions of people have got cellphones, computers, and other gadgets to interact with. For instance, they chat on the internet or play games as a way to communicate with each other. They do not interact much anymore in social life which is the most important aspect of individual’s development, for technology has successfully dragged them into virtual world. This may lead to inactiveness in their daily activities. If this kind of thing left continuously, it will affect one’s personality. One will close oneself from what is happening outside. Technology may also cause serious problems
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