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Technology To College Students: Good Or Bad? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Technology To College Students: Good Or Bad?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Effects of Technology to college students: Good or Bad?

Before we can say that Technology is good or bad for the college students,   let us first define what Technology is. Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools, machinery, and procedures. The word technology comes from Greek τεχνολογία (technología); from τέχνη (téchnē), meaning "art, skill, craft", and -λογία (-logía), meaning "study of-". The term can either be applied generally or to specific areas: examples include construction technology, medical technology, and information technology.
I’ve done some research to find out what are some good and bad effects of Technology to college students nowadays.   Let us first talk about the good effects.

In today’s society technology affects many different people. The largest group effected by technology is college students. There are many good things about technology in this period of time.

One of the main things that really have a good effect on college students is a computer. There are many things that college students use computers for. One of the real reasons that almost every college student has a computer in their dorm or in their house is to type up all of those papers that are assigned to them by their professors. Another one of the biggest things in technology is the Internet. You would swear that now someone would die if they didn’t have the Internet. People use the Internet almost every day to either check e-mail, search something from the Internet, or they can even use it for AOL instant messenger. E-mail is one of the new things in technology that almost everyone is using now instead of the mail service. This is a really good thing for college students because this is a cheap way of keeping in touch with everyone you know without having to spend a fortune on...

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