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Our world abounds with knowledge and wonders that amaze us. Some people pay a lot of dollars to gain knowledge; however, there are a variety of resources you can use to learn without empting you wallet. Knowledge can be easily perceived by watching T.V, surfing internet and communicating with friends. Watching T.V is a pleasurable tool for students to learn. For example, T.V has sounds and images that are great for visual learners. Students do not only learn new information, but also hear sounds and pictures relevant to the information, which helps them learn more efficiently. For example, channels such as Discoveries, PBS and CBC help students from a variety of ages to learn about environments, wars, history and many current…show more content…
For example, you can download pictures, videos and music that are related to your homework. Students can choose websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube and to help them study. Internet is like a second teacher for most students. About 98% of high school students in North America have used computers to do researches for their homework. Surfing on internet give students freedoms to study in different ways. In addition, learning from friends is one of the quickest and easiest way to study. Friends are people you feel comfortable and relaxed around; therefore, you are not afraid to ask questions and share your thoughts. You can learn many new and interesting things during a conversation with them. For example, you can debate with each other about USA`s economic and what are some things the society can do to fix it. Communicating with your friends erase the timorous thoughts of expressing your ideas and point of views. In the realm of education, there is a variety of ways people can learn. Many people view learning as a painful hardship; however, watching T.V, surfing on internet, and communication with your friends can ease the pain. These resources can change your perspectives, and it can make learning very enjoyable and

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