The Scientific Method

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The scientific method is a process of acquiring new knowledge and to find reasoning in a given hypothesis. The scientific method is also explained as the collection and correlation of data through observation, experimentation and formulating and testing a hypothesis. Only some university students are able to learn and practice the scientific method whilst at university. This essay will provide four arguments on why only some students are able to learn and practice the scientific method at University. These arguments include the student’s choice of studying a science degree and practically learning the scientific method. Or the willingness of the student to acquire a new knowledge and find reasoning; we explore this idea through a brief knowledge of the social enlightenment and the resulting change in social behaviour and authority rebellion. Also we look at the difference in the academic disciplines encountered at university; science, arts, commerce and humanities, each discipline containing a varying approach to learning and acquiring the scientific method in relation to new knowledge. Finally we will explore how those whom do not study a science degree learn to acquire new knowledge using a non scientific approach to the scientific method. These theories will follow a brief insight and background into the scientific method and the process’ it contains and concluding in why only some students learn to practice the scientific method at university. What is the scientific method? The scientific method is the establishment of techniques use to test a phenomena or acquire a new knowledge subject to its own specific reasoning. The knowledge we acquire comes from testing, observing and collecting data in accordance to a hypothesis. The scientific method is staged out in steps the first being developing a hypothesis. The hypothesis is referred to as a “directional
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