Technology Is Affecting Our Lives

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We now live in a technological world where our lives cannot be run without machines. The internet is a great advance in technology, allowing people from all parts of the globe view information uploaded onto a network via any electronic device which supports the internet and carries a sufficient browser. Nearly everyone in a mainstream society has access to the internet. Although the internet is a great source of information, it serves other purposes which attract the younger generations which now spend an average of eleven hours on weekends on the internet. Excessive use of the internet has caused an influx in deteriorating eyesight in people and addiction; ruining people’s lives in the long and short term. Addiction is caused by sorts of things which can be interacted with through the internet such as online games, social networking and internet videos. Online games affect people psychologically, changing their daily routines in order to play. The new craze of MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) is a multimillion dollar industry which gains profit through the addiction of others. Some MMOs are free to play, however they have additional items which can only be obtained through real money. These items usually have a short expiry date provoking the victim to pay more money. This shows that through technology, in this case the internet; people have been lured into a financial burden, spending a tremendous amount of money on virtual items. Social Networking allows individuals to keep in touch with friends, family or even people they have never met over the internet. Networks such as Facebook have reeled in over three hundred and fifty million users, half of which are active daily. A case study has shown the severity of Facebook addiction; having a person spend up to 20 hours a week on the website. Some users have also claimed to access Facebook at work,
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