Facebook Classification Essay

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Classification Essay All across the world, society is very social based. We all have Facebook and if you don’t, I’m sure you will. It’s everywhere you look, whether it’s on your phone, computer, or tablet. There are many different kinds of Facebook users though. But no matter where you’re from or what you have it on, you will find many different kinds of Facebook users: the Average user, the TMI user, and the Addicted user. These are only three kinds of users, there are many, many more. The Average user logs onto Facebook maybe, once or twice a day. They may update their status once a week or only when something really interesting or big happens. They will leave the occasional comment or might click the like button, if they actusally do like the picture or remark. However, the people on their…show more content…
One therapist said, “ It’s turned into a compulsion, a compulsion to dissociate from your real world and go live in the Facebook world.” These types of users are on it everyday from the time they wake up, till they go to bed at night. Their on it at work, school, or even at the game their at. They can spend an hour or more at a time on Facebook. They will even blow you off, if they can. These users will have it on their phones, tablets, and computers. For these users, they most likely will be diagnosed with FAD(Facebook Addiction disorder). Facebook has many more different kinds of users, these are just the most popular that I have found. Society today relies on social networking and without people like these ones, it wouldn’t be so popular. In my opinion, we rely to much on Facebook or any other social networking for that fact. What happened to the day of just picking up the telephone and checking in with your family or friends? That has long been gone. So because of having the Average, the TMI, and the Addicated users, Facebook will still be one of the most popular social networking systems out
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