What Motives for Facebook Use Can Predict Problematic Facebook Use?

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What motives for Facebook use can predict problematic Facebook use? Irene Papadakis American College of Greece PS 2318 Research Methods in Psychology Dr. Karakitsou 15/11/13 Abstract Facebook is rising as the most popular social networking site worldwide. While other research investigated aspects related to the frequency of use, this research focuses on the quality of use and why individuals use it. This presents study aims to investigate how different motivations for using Facebook can give rise to an unhealthy usage of these medium. Participants were asked to fill out to main questionnaires: Thoughts about Facebook Scale and Motives for Facebook Use Scale. Questionnaires were collected from undergraduate students from the American College of Greece. Results contradicted the initial hypothesis that the motive of companionship will be a predictor of problematic use. In contrast, the motive of cool and new trend was the only significant predictor for problematic Facebook use. Suggesting that individuals can easily be influenced to conform which can lead to a maladaptive need to belong. Keywords: Facebook, motivation, problematic use What motives for Facebook use can predict problematic Facebook use? Since the popularity of the internet has been increased worldwide, social networking sites have been develop to facilitate communication online. Facebook is rather new phenomenon is known to be one of the most popular social networking sites originally created for college students to form and maintain social ties (Tosun,2012). With approximately 500 million users, it has been reported that people with accounts can spend up to 700 billion minutes on Facebook per month (Facebook,2011). While many different researches have focus on the
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