Technology Benefits Essay

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Technological advancement is great positive force for the betterment of humankind. Firstly, our health has amazingly benefited and improved well from the advancement of technology. Inventions of tools such as the x-ray and accurate imaging machines has made it possible for doctors to precisely locate and determine one’s sickness, thus increasing the average life span of humans and animals. In addition, with the help of technology, humans are able to create artificial limbs, arms, and other body parts to support ones who have lost them through accidents. As well, exercising machines are also a great advantage of technology, as it is getting easier and time-saving for people to get physically fit. Another factor on why technology is advantageous is because of the increased opportunities and strengthening in education. Education today compared to the education a hundred years ago is clearly far greater with the usage of computers and other devices to help students research and gather information conveniently. Adding to that, technology has eminently improved today’s students with their creativity, teamwork and technical skills, which is excellent for future job opportunities. Technology has also expanded our knowledge beyond the possible by letting us virtually get a glimpse of what we can’t see such as micro-organisms or the outside world of space. Finally, improvement in communication is a perfect example of why technological advancement has enhanced our lives. With the development of the internet, we can now connect with family members and friends around the world in just one click through email or social networking sites. Moreover, cellphones can now be carried anywhere you are, and can be utilized for calling home, friends, family or emergency numbers. Communication technology can also help individuals with disabilities in

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