Technological Advancement Essay

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Technological Advancement Today, almost everything is more accessible and convenient due to the huge advancements in the technological domain. Human beings have always sought progress and development. And what they could achieve with technology, no matter how impossible it looked like, have both advantages and disadvantages. These technological advancements facilitated our lives in an amazing way, saved us money, time, fuel and other resources. Technology removed all borders and made communication the easiest thing ever. With technology we became much more efficient on all levels. First of all, the effects of technological advancements on the communication process are endless. Kirkpatrick Sale speaks about this issue as he states, “The world has developed systems of transportation and communication that allow people, goods, and information to be exchanges on a scale and at a swiftness never before possible.”(Sales 568). Time is no longer a limit to the communication process. The instant messaging and their speed of transmitting the message constituted a revolution in this domain. In the past, messages waited days and months to be transmitted. Moreover, technology made the world a smaller place to live in. International companies, for instance, have their employees communicating on a daily basis by emails. A simple email, sent in a second, transmits all the information that needs to pass for the work to be done on time. Secondly, it may be that the major beneficiary of technology’s advancements is the healthcare sector. Sale points out, “And for maybe a third of these humans longevity has been increased, along with a general improvement in health and sanitation that has allowed the expansion of human numbers by about tenfold in the last three centuries.”[Sales 568] what Hospital could it be today without
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