Viroflow Environmental Technology Case Studies

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Hans Van Houten Final ViroFlow Summary New products are developed annually that aim at curbing or eliminating industrial pollution. Only a few prove they’re capable and are embraced by consumers. Even fewer reach a level of international success and become necessary for a business to operate. An Australian company named Virotec produced a product that has done just that. While developing products to assist their own environmental problems, Virotec discovered a technology that was able to perform better than anything on the market. Virotec started to manufacture many different environmental products, each having a special purpose. In this paper, Virotec’s ViroFlow Technology will be explained and shown why it is so effective. Knowing industrial waste water, solids, sludges, and sediments are all dangerous to the environment and can cause a business to shut down, ViroFlow was put on the market. ViroFlow comes in a powdered form, slurry form, and pellet form. Unlike other potent environmental products, Virotec’s are all completely harmless to the user and can be directly added to existing treatment facilities, increasing their cleanliness rate in most cases to near 100%. After the development of ViroFlow, companies from around the world embraced the new technology and haven’t looked back. In this paper case studies involving very large corporations with catastrophic pollution problems are reviewed. In all cases ViroFlow benefited the company greatly, in most ViroFlow cleaned the contamination problem close to 99%. The reason why ViroFlow is so successful is because it costs on a fraction of what other products cost, it is extremely effective, and it is the easiest environmental product to use in the world. Hundreds of companies swear by it and thousands more will in the future, resulting in this world becoming a cleaner, safer place.

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