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My First Time on the Technic Coaster in Legoland By: Yunxiang Shao It was a bright day in Southern California. The sun was so bright that many people didn't even come out to the world-famous theme park, Legoland, during Thanksgiving Break. I was with my family and my cousin, Momo, on the car ride to Legoland, Los Angeles. Our plan was that my parents would take my sister, and I would tour the Legoland with Momo. I asked Momo," Which ride do you want to go on first?". She unconsciously replied to me, " Of course the Technic Roller Coaster! You have got to try it!" At first, during that time, I had no idea what the Technic Roller coaster even was. Before I knew it, we were at the theme park, Legoland. My dad found a parking spot for our car, and we walked over to where the gate was. We got in the line that…show more content…
We got to the very top of the hill, the view up there was fantastic. Then a sudden jerk occurred, and off we went! I felt like a flying bird zooming through the sky. I can't even feel the gravity pulling me down. Just as I thought that the cart was going to fly off the railings, we went straight uphill to a point where I can only see the sky. We went as fast as a Lamborghini Huracan uphill, in my sight I saw a sharp turn in front of the hill and who knows we might fly off. We turned 40 degrees, I closed my eyes so tight that I can almost feel water dripping out. We were as tall as the Empire State Building now, and I wish we weren't doing 40 degree turns at that height. Every time it turns I feel a sudden jerk that's as powerful as a 1000 horsepower car. After 5 unenjoyable turns, we went down and to the base. As I got out of the cart, I feel my hands trembling as fast as saxophone players, and my heart beating as fast as a race car engine. I saw people too disturbed to even move after getting out of the carts. I was so I glad I wasn't one of

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