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Annie Dillard’s, “Stunt Pilot,” is a compelling story of her personal adventure through the air with renowned stunt pilot, Dave Rahm. Dillard takes one through the scenic journey she evoked on that day at the air show in Washington. Later, Dillard is granted the opportunity of a lifetime when she embarks on a flight with Rahm to explore the natural wonders of the mountains. Through her use of description, Dillard is able to successfully compare the craft of stunt pilots to the arts while effectively appealing to the readers emotion at the same time. First, Dillard recollects the moment she became entranced with David Rahm’s performance at the air show. It was at the moment when Rahm took the 1930’s Black Bucker Jungman on a drop, sending the plane spinning back and forth through the air that she had become enticed. With full attention on Rahm’s performance, Dillard watched as he elegantly maneuvered the aircraft in a line making loops and arabesques along the way. Staring above in amazement, Dillard was able to compare this vision to the talent of Saul Steinberg, a…show more content…
Dillard related every performance of Rahm’s to the Tour De France exuberating an immense display of will. An Olympic gymnast at peak performance was not even enduring merely the same amount of pressure and demands as Rahm when flying the plane. A Tour De France cyclist and an Olympic Gymnast are prestigious titles to which only the talented elite can achieve. For Dillard to place Rahm above such respected artists of their trade is an understatement. This truly shows how grueling of a task driving a stunt plane is and the pressure they are under. Emotion and passion really comes through in this description because it is easy to relate to the passion and drive preforming artist such as Olympic gymnast and cyclist have, putting into perspective just how talented and driven Rahm

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