Narrative Essay On 9/11

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Nine-Eleven-Two Thousand and One “What day are you guys planning on going back to Maryland?” I asked my grandparents, who had came down to visit. The morning was beautiful, the rays of the sun warmed my cool cheeks as we stood outside waiting for my mom to finish paying the bill. I will never forget the look on my moms face as she stormed towards us; she looked sad, confused, and terrified all at once. The words she spoke, are words I will never forget. “Terrorists have high jacked a few planes and one has hit one of the World Trade center buildings.” She said slowly, as if she couldn’t believe it herself. We all hurried into the car and turned on the radio. It didn’t matter which station you put on, they were all talking about the terrorist…show more content…
The video on the screen was a clip of something you would see in a movie. A plane went full speed into the upper half of the building and smoke came pouring out of it. It looked as if the plane fit perfectly through the building. As the clip replayed over and over my eyes were tuned on the date “September 11, 2001.” Even though I was so young I could still realize that this would be a day that would go down in history. After a few minutes of watching the same clip, I suddenly saw another plane crashing into the twin of the other building. I couldn’t believe it, I looked at my family and all you could see was the sorrow and angst in their faces as they sat with there mouths dropped open. As the cameras zoomed in on the masses of people covered with a grey ash, you could see in the background smoke swarming the air and then the first tower went tumbling down. That’s when it really hit me that our country was under attack. Since I was so young I didn’t really know that there were more planes than the two that had hit the Trade Center. But as I got older I have come to realize the severity all the high jacked planes had on our country. Still to the day when I see videos or interviews about 9/11 it always brings me goose

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