Hostage And Deer Monologue

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Hostage and a deer 1/6/12 It was 8:00 p.m. on a cold, winter night. There was a deer named Jason walking across the highway when a silver Lexus was coming right at him. Who was driving it you may ask? Emily. Once she saw the deer, she suddenly stopped, then sped up towards him until she was about an inch away from killing him. She steadily pushed the gas to lightly tap him. But since she was under so much pressure, she stuttered and hit Jason and sent him flying across the highway. I’m just here witnessing it all from the trunk of the car with my hands and feet tied together. I kept yelling “LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT”, but she told me she’d never let me go. My situation started at a costume shop. I was there looking for an outfit to wear to…show more content…
I turned around and there she was, standing before me looking at me and said “sorry that’s mine. Sucks for you”, then walked away. I wasn’t about to be talked to like that, so I put my foot down and said “No! You get back here with that! I was reaching for it and you can’t be messing with me like that so beat it!” and I snatched the costume right out of her hands and started going towards the register. I couldn’t believe what I had just said, and I started to regret it once she walked back towards me. She was so much taller than me that she casted a shadow. “What did you just say?” she said. I didn’t respond because I definitely wanted to keep living my life and not end it. “That’s what I thought” and she took the costume back and shoved me onto the floor. She laughed and walked away. People were surrounding me like I was just killed. I was fine, just had a couple of bruises. Once I was helped up, I had a slight limp but I didn’t care. I started to catch up to her when I fell. Since I was on the floor right behind her, I grabbed her feet and tripped her. When she fell, I gracefully grabbed the costume, went to…show more content…
“Um….ouch!” I said “if you keep making me toss and turn like this, I’ll puke all over your car!” She then slammed on the brakes and I went flying. “If you mess up my car in the littlest way, I will personally murder you.” I could tell she was serious because she stared right into my soul. I nodded and mocked her when she wasn’t looking. Why would someone like that do such a thing to someone innocent like me? She was very quiet for the rest of the ride. I swear that when you’re tied up in the trunk of a stranger’s car, time flies really fast! It went from light to dark in the blink of an eye. We were on Route-81 and the sky was filled with stars, which were easier to see from where I was. Then, we stopped and I slammed against the door….again. I slightly rotated my head to see a deer in the road! I’m thinking to myself, since she’s the person she is, she’d hit him. And what do you know, I was right! She crashed into him causing him to fly across the highway. “Oh my goodness! Why did you do that?” I asked surprised. She took her hands off of the wheel, turned her head and said “did I give you permission to speak?” she gave me the stare again. I didn’t respond because as I

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