From Teamwork To Success

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From Teamwork To Succes Doing teamwork, especially in an online environment can be very difficult. Being a team member, means that you assume a duty, or responsibility to do your share of the work for the team. Once you are a part of a team you must be assigned a role. The role you play in your team is very important, because without specific roles the team will not be able to work as a whole. The types of roles to be assigned should be left up to the team itself. Without specific roles the team will fail. Team dynamics and team roles affect how successful a team is. In order for a team to be successful, participation and communication is required. The team must first “get to know one another” and this can be done simply by asking questions. What are the team members weaknesses and strengths related to the task, what are the team members schedules like, and what role would each member be comfortable with. According to Dr. Meredith Belbin teams work when roles are specific and under this structure: Doing / acting group consists of: Implementer Well-organized and predictable. Takes basic ideas and makes them work in practice. Can be slow. Shaper Lots of energy and action, challenging others to move forwards. Can be insensitive. Completer/Finisher Reliably sees things through to the end, ironing out the wrinkles and ensuring everything works well. Can worry too much and not trust others. Thinking/ problem Solving group consists of: Plant Solves difficult problems with original and creative ideas. Can be poor communicator and may ignore the details. Monitor/Evaluator Sees the big picture. Thinks carefully and accurately about things. May lack energy or ability to inspire others. Specialist Has expert knowledge/skills in key areas and will solve many problems here. Can be disinterested in all other areas. And the People/ Feelings group
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