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Team Management Axia College Managing a Team Managing a team comes with many challenges. As a leader it is important to continually drive performance from team members, while motivating and monitoring overall success of a project. All successful team have good leaders, who are trustworthy and respectable. Therefore it is important for a leader to take full responsibility for the team, even when mistakes happen. The first step to managing a team is to lead by example. Team members want to be lead by a strong leader, who can give direction, create room for creative thinking, and give recognition. (Business Balls, 2009) Creation of team- placing team members The composition of the team is a building block for team effectiveness. Placing team members with various work-life backgrounds and areas expertise will bring creativity to the team. This can be especially challenging when dealing with individuals varied personalities, and backgrounds. By recruiting and interviewing, a leader can be reassured that he or she will hire the best candidates for their roles, who will fulfill the main objective and mission. Since not one single person’s perspective is the same, different solutions to problems will come up. Since there is so much of brainstorming, and free flowing of ideas between team members, it‘s important to mold a team who will be excited about the main objective, and welcome diversity. The main skills to look for in recruiting team members are problem solving and decision-making skills- so that the team will have good choices for the project. Technical and interpersonal skills of team members are also beneficial. People who are technical, who know all of the fine details of the product are valuable. Excellent communicators, with great interpersonal skills can generate feedback from others, and are normally good listeners and mediators during conflict.

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