Tea Plantation Worker

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Humanities homework – Tea Plantation worker We live in Britain which is a ‘MEDC’ More Economically Developed Country, and a everyday rotor would be, getting up at 7am, going to school/work at 8am, eating lunch at 13:15pm, coming home at 16:00pm, watching television/going on the computer at 16:30pm, eating dinner at 17:00pm, doing some work at 18:00pm and then getting some sleep at 19:00pm and then repeating the day again. However, in a {LEDC} Less Economically Devolved Country’s like India, their rotors are different. Some there don’t even have jobs. But there is one job that I am looking at particularly, which is tea picking. One of the many country’s that suffers picking tea leaves without a reasonable pay is India. I personally think that there is no harm in picking the tealeaves, because it’s a job that is helping you to provide for your family. But where I disagree is when the tealeaves pickers don’t get a decent pay. A female tea plantation workers daily routine would be: waking up early in the morning, - around about 4am to prepare breakfast/to make their kids packed lunches/clean/sweep/tidy up around the house, 1 hour later, she would go and wake their kids up for school, get them ready and take them to school, then at 07:30, they would go to work and pick tea leaves for up until 12:00pm to go and weigh their tea leaves, so that she can get their wages. Around about 12:30 she would go on her lunch break, at 13:50-14:00pm she would go back to work, at 15:50-16:00pm they go and weigh their tealeaves in and take their wages home, then at 16:30pm she would pick up the kids and get dinner ready, then at 17:10pm she would tidy everything up-dinner table plus around the house, then her & her family would go and do something together- watch television at 18:50pm, and of course finally go to bed to get a good nights sleep at

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