Tda 2.16 Essay

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1.1 Describe the importance of play and leisure for children and young people Both Play and Leisure are very important in a child's life as a different range of play and leisure opportunities could help the child build confidence, help to interact with others and be creative. Using play to learn about different cultures through books or playing a game which involves dressing up, for example learning how to put on a sari or try food from different countries, these things can expand a child’s mind. Physical (gross motor) activities is how a child moves it can be running, jumping, swimming, catching and dancing all of which build strength and boost coordination. Physical play is also a way to learn about teamwork. Being creative through play or leisure by drawing, painting, playing music or making something is a way for children to express themselves and gain pride in their achievements. It is so important that children have variety in their lives joining clubs, playing by themselves or with others or even just spending time with family can be very beneficial to a child. Children learn new things every day as a child plays, they learn all about themselves and what they can do. Play and leisure helps them make friends and discover the world around them and have fun at the same time they are also exercising and developing both emotionally and physically. TDA 2.16 1.2 Describe how play and leisure contribute to children and young people’s development Play and leisure is extremely important for the development of children, because it contributes to the cognitive (intellectual), physical, social, and emotional well being of children. It is important that from a young age children play with things like toys and even with other children. From a young age through play children can improve their fine and gross motor skills by
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