Taco Bell Case Study

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Laurie Gannon, Public Relations Director at Taco Bell Corporation is facing a crisis management situation after receiving word on a Friday that Taco Bell labeled taco shells sold and produced by Kraft Foods, Inc., is being manufactured with a genetically modified strain of corn unapproved for human consumption. Gannon must inform all affected parties before the story breaks the following Monday. Since the situation has the potential to impact the restaurant side and public image of the business, the contamination dilemma is deemed a crisis. Organizationally, a detailed written memo outlining presently known facts should be sent to corporate management at YUM Brands. The memo should request a set-timed conference call amongst decision makers to evaluate new information and answer questions. The call should suggest developing a plan to disassociate the Taco Bell brand from the consumer health violation, as well as reevaluate current use of approved genetically modified substances in its restaurants. Kraft Foods, Inc. should be second in the communication pipeline. Being late on a Friday, a direct telephone call would be the source of communication in order to streamline answers to this external crisis. The main point delivered should be to get in touch with Aventis and come to a conclusion as to how this contamination occurred. Kraft should take the lead at alerting the media and consumers, with the latter being the most important stakeholders involved in this crisis. Kraft’s communication strategy should be released quickly, approved by YUM Brands, and developed in a way that all stakeholders involved receive the same information. A description of health side-effects caused by the consumption of contaminated shells, recall and refund information, and clear indication that Taco Bell is not associated with the shell manufacturing process should be included in the
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