TPA 1380: A Career As A Film Editor

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Bianca Sostre TPA 1380 1. The Film industry is the industry I see myself in the future. The career I would like to attain is being a Film Editor. 2. As a Film Editor, there are technical skills that will encounter such as being program efficient, Imaginative creativity, and computer savvy. 3. As a Film Editor, there will also be many soft skills to master as in time management, strong work ethic, and working under pressure. 4. I am currently a hostess at Shari Sushi. In my experience with working at Shari, I use both technical and soft skills during every shift. The technical skills required are many that involve in being computer savvy. At Shari we use computers to keep communication between staff members consistent. The job cannot be performed correctly without the right technical skills and knowledge. Even when it comes to something minor like checking voicemails, technical skills are needed to get the task done. Same goes for to-go orders. These two coexist with soft skills like time management and working under pressure through each shift at work. 5. I strongly believe that I have mastered the great use of…show more content…
The soft skill that I would like to master would be working under pressure. A step to take to concur this skill I can take speech class so I feel a little bit more comfortable when I’m on the spot. I also believe that if under pressure I stay with a positive attitude then I will be able to handle the customer well with communication. Another step to mastering this skill is setting you a time line. For example, setting myself a timeline of getting stuff done by a certain time and date to graduate or to find a job will help with working under pressure. I believe that having working under pressure is the best skill to have because every employee is looking for someone who can handle anything at any given time especially a Film Editor. It is very important as a film editor to know that the film industry is very

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