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Care Manager’s duty regards escorting residents to any individual area within Sunrise.
It is important that all staff at the nursing home develop an effective working relationship with all the residents. There are many different types of relationships in the Home and they all play a valuable role in contributing to the overall wellbeing of all the residents involved. This helps to deliver the correct care required to suite each of the individuals required needs.
Every Tuesday and Thursday the Home has set up a visit from a local hairdresser, part of my duty are to communicate with the resident to ensure that they are aware of the impending hairdresser’s arrival of these days. My first line of duty will be to speak to the individual resident to enquire whether they would like to have an appointment with the hairdresser. Having established that the resident would like an appointment, l would leave the resident in her room whilst l go to the reception area to register the resident’s name in the hairdressing appointment book. After making the appointment in the book, l go to the Hoist room to collect the wheelchair. Having completed l will then return to the resident’s room to help the resident into the wheelchair for the impending appointment and escort her to the Saloon to fulfill the appointment.
Upon arriving at the Saloon using my Walkie Talkie l communicate with one of my fellow colleagues to require assistance in helping the resident from the wheelchair to a normal chair. After the resident is seated correctly l ask her what she would like to have done with her hair, having

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