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Greensboro Urban Ministries 305 West Lee Street Greensboro, NC 27406 June 29th 2012 To: The Honorable Bev. Perdue Office of the Governor Constituent Services Office 116 West Jones Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 Re: Extension Clinic-An extension to the Urban Ministries Clinic which is a plan to provide care to all individuals coming within the shelter not a select group. Dear, Governor Perdue I am writing to request funding for an exciting and helpful addition to the Greensboro Urban Ministries Health Serve Clinic. This extension to their clinic will help reduce recurrent diseases within the shelter and help provide care to all individual coming within the shelter. The clinic which is open now only gears…show more content…
A nurse will be available at the clinic to interview these individuals on their sicknesses and what they have been doing for treatment. This will also help the client express their feelings and develop a therapeutic relationship. Any stress that the client is feeling can be addressed with the nurse. This will help benefit the community by decreasing diseases or sickness; such as, TB, SARDS, diabetes, pneumonia or psychological disorders by being the first responder and advocating for our town, this will definitely reduce medical…show more content…
Training of all health care staff will be provided by Angela D Gay RN, Program Developer. The Director of the Urban Ministries Clinic will remain giving oversight and being overseer. The senior staff nurse/charge nurse will be responsible for assuring patients are being screened for communicable diseases and that follow appointments are being made to continue success within the community. One of the participating nurses will be selected to collect and tally the quality of the questionnaires on an ongoing basis. As each client comes into the clinic they will sign in and complete history. They will complete preliminaries such as height/weight and blood pressure measurements. When completing that, they will wait in holding area until called to the back to be seen by a care provider for services. At the end of visit patient will complete a questionnaire that will be reviewed and tallied by selected nurses and sent to clinic statistician for analysis of data.

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