Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs

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What do you understand about individuals you work with in relation to their communication needs, how important is it to make sure their needs are being met and what negative affect will it have on an individual if communication needs are unmet. Some of my service users have limited communications, such as DW who is very slow with his speech and can only give one word answers. This means I have to be patient and give him plenty of time to answer. I also have to form my questions in such a way the he can answer with just one word. I also list options for him. E.g. List the items on the menu board with a description, then go through the list again giving the options in one word such as eggs chips and peas becomes eggs. Or green thai chicken curry with rice becomes curry.If I don’t proceed like this he may not get the option he actually wants and so this could have a detrimental effect on emotions as his choices are not being met. Another similar case is MM, this lady has no verbal communication, although she can understand what is spoken to her, but does have limited Makaton knowledge. Again I have to give the lady plenty of time to think about what signs she needs to use to tell me her wants and needs in order that she does not feel ‘down’ in her day to day living. EM uses a hearing aid but has great difficulty in putting it in. So on arrival I will give her assistance in using it if she is having a particularly bad day I will put it in. If their communication needs are unmet then they will not feel included or be able to interact therefore making them feel outside of society, and from there they would feel undervalued and may become depressed. Also their confidence could fall making them withdrawn. Explain your role when working with individuals with specific communication needs. If you as a carer weren’t sufficiently trained to support the

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