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Unit 4222-224 Support individuals to manage continence Understanding factors that affected the management of continence 1. Difficulties with continence Low self-esteem Lack of dignity A feeling of loosing independence Affecting employment Embarrassment Feeling of isolation Depression Distress Individuals may avoid getting help with there incontinence due to embarrassment discussing the subject. Some people avoid going out in public because of the fear of a “accident”. incontinence is one of the main reasons why a person may end up in care, they or there casers can no longer manage there continence. Individuals may reduce there intake of fluids or food to reduce the risk of a “accident”, this in time can result in infections…show more content…
They should know and understand the type they have and seek advice. GP and hospitals can provide specialist incontinence advisers they can provide information on products, behavioural therapy, medical or surgery. Be able to support the use of equipment to manage continence 1. Recommended equipment for the individual The continence nurse give the individual information about equipment available for continence they will also advise you on how to help the individual with continence. Staff training, care plans, fellow colleagues and senior member will also be able to advise both the individual and yourself on equipment. 2. Times and places for use of continence equipment You should discuss with the individual what types of equipment they would like to use and it must suit there mobility and urgency. Equipment include - Hand held urinals for restricted mobility - Specialist clothing - Sheaths and body urinals normally used by men - Catheters - Protection of beds, chairs and clothing 3. Level and type of…show more content…
Remove PPE and dispose Wash hands Sometimes the individual will want dispose of there waste them self’s ensure hygiene procedures are followed by them. Be able to monitor and report on support for managing continence 1. Procedures of monitoring and supporting continence There is a assessment procedure where the individuals care needs and wishes will be established and a correct care plan will be agreed. Every stage will be noted and dated and a review date will be given. All staff should be aware of the care plan and have easy access to it if needed. You must followed the care plan and monitor and report any changes. care plan is a living document 2. Record and Report You must keep a record of an individuals continence needs. *Bowel Charts Urgency , did the person rush to the toilet Straining, did they have difficultly with opening there bowels Consistency of stool with the use of a “Bristol stool chart” Other info such as pain or bleeding *Intake and output chart Times Pad changes Wet clothing and bedding Change of behaviour You may also have to go into detail of any support given in there care plan to help with future

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