Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Unit 3 Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 1.1 In my role as a bungalow manager I am responsible for ensuring that all service users, their families, friends, staff members and those that I work alongside with, are treated equally, every person should be treated with dignity and respect. There are many legislations, codes of practice and also my workplace policies which regulate equality diversity and inclusion within my area of responsibility. In my managerial role I have to promote equality and uphold individuals equality of opportunity, individual rights and choice, their privacy, individuality, independence, dignity, respect, promote empowerment, equality of care, confidentiality and their wishes and needs. I must show how I respect diversity and accept other individual’s differences. Some of the ways I can show this are; • Complaint procedure; When a service user wants to make a complaint I have to explain to them the procedure, support them in how to complete the complaint and give feedback about the result whilst maintaining confidentiality. • Service user’s support plans are regularly reviewed and updated to take into account any changes to the service user’s health, needs and wishes or any updates from any appointments, such as medication review, dental appointment, optician’s appointments, epilepsy review etc. • Maintaining confidentiality by storing support plans securely. • Various planned activities; Activities are devised by what the service user themselves would like to participate in, these are put on to a personal activity programme but it is still the service user’s choice on the day if they wish to take part in these activities. • Offering choices; Staff members are there to offer choices regarding what the service user wishes to wear or what they would like to eat. • Promoting independence; Encouraging

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