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SS0P 3.3 Support individuals with multiple conditions and /or disabilities. 1.1 Describe possible multiple conditions and /or disabilities that individuals may have? Individuals may have multiple conditions/disabilities such as physical and mental health problems, learning difficulties and sensory loss. Extra support may be required for individuals that have multiple conditions. 1.2Explain how multiple conditions and /or disabilities may have an additional impact on the individuals well being and quality of life? Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing. They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, as well as empathy and support with any emotional needs they may have. 1.3How may their multiple conditions and /or…show more content…
Care Manager - provides support to enable service users to help themselves. They maintain professional relationships with service users, acting as guides, advocates or critical friends. Health Care Assistant – is responsible for assisting qualified healthcare professionals in caring for patients, who may be being treated in a hospital, care environment or at home. They are required to carry out personal care tasks, dressing, household duties, cooking and administering medication. They should also monitor the health and wellbeing of a Service User and report any concerns. Occupational Therapist - specializes in evaluation and treatment of various diagnoses that limit functional independence. They develop an individual treatment programme of exercises, massages and activities, and implement the use of any required aids that may be required by an individual. 3.2 What equipment could be available to a person that has multiple and/ or disabilities to assist them with daily living (different
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