Super Bowl Commercials

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Super Bowl Commercials The super bowl is the most watched event in the United States. Everywhere in the country there are super bowl parties, parties that have been planned for weeks. This game attracts to all generations and ever type of audience. Even if your favorite team did not make it to the super bowl everyone tunes in for this game. Though a lot of people do not watch the super bowl for the actual game, many watch it for the advertisements. Advertisers know this is the most watched event so they fight and pay a lot of money to have their advertisement shown during this game. The average cost for a commercial in this game is 3.5 million dollars. Once they get the spot for a commercial they make sure their commercial is the best and will be remembered after the super bowl. It is also important for these advertisers to know who their audience is and who they want to appeal to. Knowing the audience they want helps the creators make the commercials even better. The better the commercials are, is what makes the super bowl popular and the reason most people tune in to watch this event. The M&M commercial was effective by appealing to the younger generation and their stereotypes. The commercial that stood out to me the most this year was the M&M commercial. At the start of the commercial the brown M&M as a girl is talking and a guy standing behind her laughing thinking she is naked. Then you see the red M&M comes in and rips off his outer shell and starts dancing to sexy and I know it by LMFAO. This commercial uses the stereotype that all men think about sex with the man in the background laughing thinking the brown M&M is naked and when the red M&M taking his clothes off without hesitation wanting to party naked with the girl M&M. This also uses the stereotype that all young people want to do is party and go crazy because all the people in the commercial are
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