The Importance Of Parity In Baseball

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Competitive sports: the most universal activity throughout the world, and possibly the universe. All sports have their loyal fans, who stick with them through the good seasons and the bad, the trophy-raising dominating seasons and the worst in the division seasons. However, obviously not every team can win their leagues championship every year, and mostly many teams go years upon years without winning some hardware. Years ago, teams with the best records that won championships typically generated the most income and revenue and would draft and buy the best players, therefore creating dynasties and would give other teams no chance of winning. In the recent years professional sports leagues have fixed this problem by creating what is known as…show more content…
Parity in baseball is what made the game great in the first place: two competitors dueling it out on the mound, in the box, and in the field. Having the figurative “field” leveled equally so that the tension and pressure is there to watch. The question of who will come out victorious is why fans come to the ballpark in the first place. Usually about half the teams in the MLB are doomed before the season even starts. Even if they had good players they’d probably be bought out by the richer teams because their contracts would expire and they also had the money to do so. But the vicious cycle continues for the poorer teams because it is extremely hard for them to get good players that they want because they cant afford them. The only way to get out of this mess is to get continuous amounts of high draft picks and that could take a decade for a team to be able to contend! This is what happened with the Tampa Bay Rays. After they finished last in their division every year of their existence the timing of high draft picks for a decade created a good team. However, now that their players are now well trained and have star-power they will probably be scouted and bought by big-market teams. This system is not fair. If the salary cap was set so that even team has the same amount of money to spend on players, then every thing would be equal, and…show more content…
However, the league and players should see this as an opportunity to help create a system where every team has as much star power and pay as the other. How could a majority of baseball players reject this offer when the majority of players aren’t playing for large-market teams? If a cap were created giving clubs better marketing strength ratings and tickets sales would boom. The same thing happened when the NBA started its modern salary caps in the mid 1980’s, ratings had never been higher than it was right after the cap. Creating caps are great ways to help generate interest around normally uninteresting teams. Not as nearly enough people will go to games to see their home team lose. I mean having the highest team salary doesn't guarantee a championship but having the lowest salary usually means you have no chance. It's completely unfair and stupid. Teams today that are not in big market cities are completely at a disadvantage. Because “these teams will never reach the World Series until baseball owner’s do the right thing and agree on a better system of revenue-sharing with a salary cap.” A salary cap would help bring the competitive playing level to a more equal level. Look at the Tigers, White Sox and Twins. They've all developed players and have reasonable salaries. They win. Detroit dominated the Yankees last year. Why is

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