Chrysler Rhetorical Analysis

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An American Struggle It’s the day of the super bowl, when American families gather around their television set to watch the two greatest football teams of the season battle it out on live television for the chance to be called “champions” and American “heroes”. It’s the day that some of the biggest companies pay millions of dollars just to get a few seconds of airtime during the game, so every little second a company has counts, and every little second is used in order to make an impact on consumers everywhere. So this year when Chrysler came on after halftime, there is no doubt that the Company’s thought out words and motivating ad left impacted the view of millions of people. The use of the famous American figure, Clint Eastwood, truly…show more content…
The halftime super bowl commercial truly does support the idea of the company’s persistence. Marchionne took on the once thought impossible task with the help of the Bush and Obama administration. Still, Several politicians, such as Karl Rove, who argues that the ad was a strategically placed commercial used to praise and support Obama during the 2012 reelection, feeling the need to “repay their political patrons,” (Stewart). Although these ideas are brought about, Marchionne continues to stand on his current position over the ad. “We are as apolitical as you can make us…” states Marchionne; he continues to say the ad was a tribute to Chrysler employees, and how the ad was used “because it says something…about the resilience of America,” (Bury). Marchionne proves that when a community of people come together and work hard, the impossible can be done, and the American people cannot give up in their time of…show more content…
After all, many believe that the commercial was used as a political statement to thank the Obama administration. Indeed, the argument seems to ignore the fact that if it had not been for Obama’s auto-industry bailout plan, Chrysler would be underwater. Although granted that the Obama administration saved Chrysler from liquidation, it is still maintained that Chrysler used the commercial as a way to show that the Chrysler Company is back from crisis and has beaten the odds. Furthermore, the controversial Chrysler Halftime Commercial represents the struggle faced by the Chrysler Company, and the company’s effort to rebound back to the top of the auto

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