Summerise the Core Values and Principles of Youth Work and How It May Differ from Other Youth Related Services.

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1.1 | Summarise the core values and principles of youth work and how it may differ from other youth related services? | a) Bullet point - How do youth workers support young people? * Provide social, emotional and political education. * Act as positive role models so they can inspire young people. * Empower young people to take action on issues that affect them and to make changes in their own lives. * Enable them to have experiences and opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have. * Develop positive, supportive and nurturing relationships with young people. * Challenge opinions, lifestyles and preconceptions. * Guide them in the process of becoming young adults. * Encourage and enable learning, not only in an educational setting. * Promote the importance of succeeding and achieving in different aspects of life. * Support the development of their opinions, morals, and social skills. * Promote and demonstrate equality. * Create a safe environment. * Give sound, relevant advice and guidance so that young people can make informed choices. * Develop life skills. * Help establish a sense of personal and social identity. | b) Consider your answer a) explain the possible different responses from other youth related services.Other youth related services have different goals to youth work so the ways they support young people sometimes differ. Schools have targets set by their local authority which means they are have to focus mainly on the academic aspect of a young person’s development. To reach these targets teachers have to constantly put pressure on pupils to succeed in assessments and exams, and are therefore unable to take into account other pressures in their lives. As a consequence of this they are expected to deal out punishments in accordance with the schools behavior management policy to ensure that learning progresses at a pace
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