Eymp2 Nvq Essay

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Katarzyna Bubacz EYMP2 Task1 Explain each of the areas of development and how these are independent. There are three areas of learning. These areas are critical in developing children’s skills in all others areas of learning and development and is supporting future skills of life, i.e learning how to play safely, interact with others, sharing resources and adult time, manage the own feelings so that they can understand and accept boundaries, express them self and their likes and dislikes. The prime areas are: Personal. Social and Emotional Development Physical development Communication and Language Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED) Children must be provided with experiences and support which will help them to develop a positive self of themselves and others, to have respect for others social skills and a positive disposition to learning, practitioners must ensure support for children’s emotional well being enabling them to know themselves and what they can do. For children this means being special to someone and well cared for this is vital for their physical social and emotional well being. When a child is acknowledged by the important people in there life, a child will grow in confidence, and gain inner strength through their secure attachments with them. Exploration within a close relationship will lead to growing self assurance, which will promote a sense of belonging allowing the child to explore the world from a secure base. A child needs an adult to set a good example and to give them opportunities to interact with others so they can develop positive ideas both about themselves and others. Children who are encouraged to feel free to express their emotions wether it is joy sadness frustration or fear will then develop the coping strategies to deal with new challenging or stressful situations. Practitioners working
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