Summary On The War On Poverty By Paul Krugman

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Paul Krugman: “America Must Redeclare the War on Poverty” Krugman states “poverty in early childhood is like poison to the brain”. Many children experience the effects of poverty such as unhealthy levels of stress, thus making it harder to escape poverty. Since the war on poverty was abandoned approximately forty years ago and the government shifted its focus on the alleged abuses of welfare, the percentage of those in poverty has increased and is getting worse. When President Johnson declared the “war on poverty” forty four years ago there was a dramatic reduction of those affected by poverty. The increase in the percentage of people today in poverty should show the government something needs to be done and we should once again re-declare…show more content…
Children growing up in poverty face many disadvantages such as unhealthy levels of stress making it near impossible to successfully complete college, thus making it harder to escape their surroundings. The poverty rates in some European countries are much lower than in the United States because of programs they have put into place to help the poor and unlucky, leading one to think the government should once again re-declare the war on poverty. Krugman’s article not only shows percentages he also lets his readers know what the findings were from scientific studies. Living in the conditions of poverty is stressful for anyone, much less children. I see the effects that poverty has on many people every day, and always think one day that could be me. Many people every day have to go without certain things people take for granted. Hopefully, the government will step in and put programs into place to re-declare the war on poverty and put an end to poverty for many individuals. If the government does not step in to help by putting programs into place what will happen to the many people who are on the verge of being poverty stricken? Many people are only 1 paycheck away from being considered low income and fewer and fewer people are being considered middle class. What will happen if nothing is done? Will people be willing to have the government help them and will there be those people who think that the government is just wasting more money? Too many people take things for granted and don’t want to see what is really happening around

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