Poor People In America

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Poor people are all lazy people there sometimes unfortunate people in that category as well but poor people never give chance at not being poor thats why there lazy. Being poor can be changed from doing simple things but poor people don't care to try those things. Some poor people may be afraid of change which may make a lazy poor person homeless which most poor people don't won't to stoop to that low of level. If more poor people got out of the house and tried new jobs America would be a better place but it's because of poor people America is kurupt. Poor people encourage other not poor people to better than them and kind of set an example of what you don't want to be There are millions of dollars that are out there to have but some people need to just get up and find it for example most poor people start to give up and they believe that there is nothing else to do but to be poor and and they can never have money again which is not true they can but they have to make an effort to go out there and get that money. Poor people need to be more self determined to make something of themselves and not be…show more content…
Sometimes someone else has to take the first couple steps for a person in need. The person in need doesn't want to be helped but again that's why there in need because they think they know everything but the don't and can use lots of help from others. Poor people is like the one that got away because if the one that got away dosent know what to do then hes gonna fail and he won't have any guidance from the others.poor people need to understand after some helps them not to be poor they need to stay that way but as lazy as they are they will eventually fall off the wagon again and separate themselves from the financially steady
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