Essay On Welfare Reform

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Reforming the Welfare System The welfare system as we know it is broken. It is unfair to the recipients themselves, to those who need it and do not receive it, and to those taxpayers who struggle in middle class helping to pay for it all. In many cases, the system itself keeps people in poverty. The uneducated are not given the necessary resources to get them out of the system and no requirements are in place to prevent generations of families from staying in the welfare cycle. One reason the welfare system should be reformed is because of inequalities. Inequalities can appear in an infinite number of ways, but several are common in the way benefits are distributed. One is that the person who tries very hard to find employment in this…show more content…
Recipients who are uneducated are often unable to break out of the poverty level cycle and gain jobs that pay enough to support themselves and their families. These cycles tend to repeat in families that are uneducated and education programs should be mandatory. There is no question that families that can afford to pay for private schools and people that obtain higher education are less likely to need public assistance. Poverty level families that live within public assistance all of their lives and do not go on to college remain in the welfare system. If higher education were mandatory as part of receiving benefits, these perpetual cycles can be broken. Welfare reform will not be easy, quick or painless. However, the basis for welfare reform should be to return it to where it started – as a temporary support system during hard times. The current system is too costly, overwrought with fraud, and perpetuates a cycle of dependency. A better, fairer system of assistance and support to a better way of life is possible within the principles of what America was built upon; it just will take a lot of hard work to get it
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