Summary Of Women Race And Class By Angela Davis

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The chosen book is ‘Women, race and class’ by Angela .Y. Davis. The book mainly about the history of slavery, the problems that black American faced by the White American and anti-slavery moment and birth of women’s rights, how women’s rights were slowly introduced. The book was printed in the United States of America in 1981. The book does not have introduction which it would have been easier for the reader to have a brief ideas in what the book is about and what may include in it. Davis goes straight to the point by going to the chapters, as the book has a content page with the different heading relating to the chapters which this would be easier for the reader to go the chapters that they are interested in. The reason Davis wrote this…show more content…
However Lusane were also black American author which can be argues that the facts provided can be either one sided or it can be seen as a clear account of what the black people has experienced. Both Davis’s and Lusane’s points are very similar as that they were telling that how black people were treated like animals. (Lusane, 2011) Furthermore, Davis presents another key point that black women were not only used for reproduction and work but for white men’s pleasure, as they women become sex slave for white men and this is kind of their way of showing their man power. This shows the reader that how black people struggled not just in doing work but sexually as well, as the women being tortured and taken for granted because women does not have rights and status. Furthermore, sometimes raped black women it leads them to be stressful, depression and sometime death. Black men were unable to help or defend their women because they were slaves themselves, therefore they had no power which means they just have to see and do nothing about it. Davis describe the important information about how badly is the black women being treated. “Many white men, who began by taking a slave girl in an act of sexual exploitation ended by loving her and the children she bore” (Davis, 1981:25). This shows that black women were treated like animal and treasure just for having high number of children. (Davis,

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