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Phenomenal Hair- Outline I. Introduction II. Definition of “Good/Bad Hair” III. Documentary the wigs “Good Hair” by: Chris Rock IV. Society’s view of Good Hair V. “The Hair Piece” from the Colored Museum VI. Survey VII. Conclusion Phenomenal Hair These days’ young African American women have been relaxed, weaved, wigged, braided up, and cut short. Natural hair is free of relaxing, texturizing, perming, etc. It is hair that is untouched by chemicals. Relaxed hair is chemically altered to be straight. The chemical bonds or the reason that your scalp is burning is due to the chemical bonds that takes away the curly kinks of your natural hair and leaves behind straight hair with broken ends. Long hair is not necessary healthy hair. Black women in particular are pressured to conform to a certain definition of femininity and beauty. People are judged by their appearance rather than what they bring to the table. When Darcy Thomas first came into the lime light she wore very natural hair styles such as braids. Black women bear the burden of culture and life of our community just to be accepted by the white man aka The Black Oppressor. In the slave days it was a requirement for African American women to wear their head covered with what we call now due rags and head scarf’s. The slave masters felt if their slave’s hair was all over their head that it was offensive so they made them cover it up. In trying to cover it up many African American women have also done the same thing they cover up their natural beauty of their hair just as they did in the slaves days to be accepted by the once again white man. In todays society it is required for an African American woman to wear her hair “relaxed” if she expects to put food on her table. In the following paragraphs I will explain the definition of “Good Hair”, Documentary by Chris Rock “Good Hair”,

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