Feminist Frontiers Essay

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<BR> Feminism is defined as an organized activity on <br>behalf of women?s rights and interests. To me, <br>this statement encompasses all women; regardless <br>of race, class, ethnicity, sexual preference, age <br>or religion. While I agree that these factors do <br>influence and shape a woman?s individual <br>experiences, I believe that women everywhere are <br>oppressed just for being biologically different <br>than males. In Feminist Frontiers, it is stated <br>that ?women everywhere suffer restrictions, <br>oppression, and discrimination because they are <br>living in patriarchal societies? (1). Why then, <br>are many feminists centered on these factors? I <br>believe that in order for there to be a successful <br>women?s liberation movement, all women, regardless <br>of race, class, etc., must come together in order <br>to achieve equality. <br> In reaction to the Million Man March orchestrated <br>by Farrakhan, Joan Morgan states, ??moved by the <br>awesome sight of so many black men of different <br>classes and sexual orientations gathered together <br>peacefully for the sole purpose of bettering <br>themselves? (51). If African-American men of <br>different classes and sexual preferences can <br>congregate to demonstrate a common goal, then why <br>can?t women seem to do this? If black men, ?the <br>one group in this country most likely to murder <br>each other?(Morgan, 51) can manage to show a <br>unified front, then why can?t ?feminists? seem to <br>get past class and race for the betterment of all <br>females? <br> Pharr seems to agree with this, asserting that <br>racism has been one of the major causes of the <br>failure of the women?s movement to make permanent <br>and meaningful change (25). The women?s <br>liberation movement is beginning to gain strength <br>again
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