hypersexuality of the black woman

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Since the discovery of African society by Caucasians in Western civilization, women of African descent have been seen as beings of sexual promiscuity. The body of an African woman was mysterious and vulgar to the Western invaders. Because African women were build in a stocky and robust manner, with pronounced buttocks, breasts, and labia, Caucasians deemed their purpose as sexual. African tribal members wore significantly less clothing than their Caucasian counterparts because of the climate of the continent. They also practiced polygamy and tribal dances. To Westerners, Africans were savage barbarians and needed a purpose in the White world. The purpose of the black woman became known as hyper-sexuality. This depiction of Black women was later given the name Jezebel. The term Jezebel has biblical significance. Jezebel was an evil queen who used her powers to convince her husband to assist her in leading the Hebrews into sexual immortality. In modern usage the term Jezebel has been used to signify a sexually lewd and promiscuous woman, a hussy of sorts. She has made her way through history from black female slaves forced to be mistress to her master to hip-hop music video vixens using their powers of sexuality to control and seduce men for their own personal gains. The hyper-sexuality of Black women in slavery comes as no surprise. It was used as a tactic to justify the sexual practices between slave and master. To Whites, the Black woman had a sexual appetite that could not be fulfilled by Black men. Therefore, it was the White man’s job to satisfy her. They used this excuse to justify the rape and seduction of slave women. In actuality, fear tactics were used to force slave women to feel indebted to her master. If she did not engage in sexual relations with him, she would risk the chance of her family being sold and separated, her husband being beat, or having

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