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Summary of Mississippi Burning The movie Mississippi Burning takes place in 1964 in Mississippi and it´s based on true story. The movie is about KKK´s racist actions, the segregation and racism in the Southern States. In the movie three civil right workers disappears (one black and two whites) and the FBI takes over the case. When the two FBI agents, Anderson and Ward go to the city, they get the feeling that something is not right. They are met by anger and deny. The city’s sheriff acts strange and he does not want any help from the FBI. He denies that there has been a murder, and claims that the boys are out of state by the time the FBI arrive. But the two FBI agents do not give up that easily. During the movie a lot of black peoples churches gets burned down, and several murders are committed, all signed by the KKKs burning cross. The moves ends with that the FBI finds out that the KKK has killed the three civil right workers and arrests them one by one by tricks. Review on Mississippi Burning Mississippi Burning is a move directed by Alan Parker. The movie is based on a true story where three civil rights activists were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan's in 1964. Immediately FBI ´s agents Gene Hackman (a older man) and Willem Dafoe ( a younger msn)steps in based on their suspicion that the three civil rights activists were murdered. That assumption is correct. In beginning of the movie Alan Parker show us that they were murdered, and that law enforcement personnel were probably involved in the murders. I think it’s a very emotional movie and really touches something inside of you. It’s a mind-blowing eye opener and it is one of the MUST-SEE

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