Prejudice In A Time To Kill A Mockingbird

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Dylan Fiolek Prejudice in the South Racial prejudice was beyond horrible in the 1960s. A time to kill was a movie about a white lawyer who defends a black man for shooting to white woman. The black man raped and beat his daughter. To kill a Mockingbird was a book about a white lawyer who defends a black man. They accuse him of raping and beating a young white woman. Harper Lee's to kill a Mockingbird and John Grishman's a time to kill are both about racial prejudice in the south, Atticus Finch and Jake Brigance try to end racial prejudice in the south. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee there was a lot of racism. One example of racism was that the word "nigger" Was use a couple times. African-Americans…show more content…
Two rednecks just decided to rape a young black 10-year-old girl. Here is a direct quote from the movie "they see you, they see a yard worker; they see me, they see an attorney. I live in town, you live in the hills." (Warner Bros. 1997). As you can see this time was a very racial and prejudice time for everybody. The two characters I am comparing our Atticus finch and Jake Brigance. Atticus and Jake are both lawyers. They're also both defending African Americans. Here is a Gail quote "to kill a Mockingbird is one of those books that has released large numbers of readers and has made a significant difference in the lives of individuals and culture as a as a whole (gale reference center). They both are very more wise men Atticus and Jake are role models. The two characters I am contrasting our Atticus Finch and Freddie Cobbs they are different because one is against prejudice and one is for prejudice. Atticus defends black people and Friday Cobbs tries to harm black people. Atticus is a wise lawyer who always knows best. Freddy Cobbs was the leader of the KKK. Freddy Cobbs tried to assassinate Jake. Atticus is an honest, brave and wise person because he took the
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