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A Summary of Too Much of a Good Thing Greg Critser, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, expresses his thoughts in Too Much of a Good Thing by claiming that obesity in children is a global problem that needs to be solved by encouraging children to eat healthier. ( Give Author credit for this...Say something like he provides evidence that....Obesity has become an epidemic in children. Critser suggests that ??? this epidemic will not be cured unless children avoid gluttony. Authors of one book suggest that if kids are restrained from eating too much, that it can cause them to think negatively of themselves. On the other hand, Critser argues that French children learned dietary restraints and their self-esteem was not harmed. Make sure every sentence sounds like the author said it. Critser suggest, claims argues, supports, uses. etc. ... Advertising the causes of childhood obesity could be effective. These campaigns against overeating may be the only way to combat claims that three meals a week from McDonald’s is fine. Evidence shows that children respond well to advice about their diets. As a matter of fact, Critser provides further evidence showing that overweight kids who were put on a supervised diet had better eating habits. Give Author credit The notion that kids know when they’re full was challenged by a recent study that showed five year olds ate whatever amount of food was put in front of them. Critser suggests that this study shows kids do not know when they are full. ( I don’t know how to restate my thesis again in a different way. ) You do not have to restate your thesis. It is a summary. So no opening and closing is needed. Only your thesis at the beginning to start your summary. Critser, Greg. Too Much of a Good Thing. Rpt. In Writing & Reading for ACP Composition. Ed. Christine R. Farris and Deanna M. Jessup.

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